About schnauzers


The first mention of schauzers can be found in the sixteenth century literature. Schnauzers come from a known sheep and cattle areas of Bavaria and Württemberg in southern Germany. There are many views on the origin of the breed schnauzer. According to some schnauzer is derived from two now-extinct breed: biberhund and a dog called a "rat catcher" . Others argue that schnauzer might be derived from Pinscher German. Primary Schnauzers were among the best hunters of rats and the best guards.

Were also popular because of its high strength as the dogs pulling. It is worth mentioning that there are three types of schnauzers, the oldest of which is the standard. In the past they used to walk long distances along with horses. Standard schnauzers were very helpful because they were easy to train and working with him was a great pleasure. All varieties of schnauzers needs a lot of traffic in the open and fresh air and regular brushing. While raising a schnauzer is necessary so-called "hard hand" as he is sometimes stubborn and likes to get his way. Imaging and in-depth information on schnauzers can be found in the book "Schnauzer".


• Devoted and affectionate, likes to play and is a pleasant companion dog, who likes children.
• Confident nature, alertness.
• Human companion.
• Energetic, an ideal partner for sports, because it loves to move.
• Wary of strangers, guarding his household.
• Persevering, courageous, resistant to diseases and unfavorable conditions.
• In conclusion it is characterized by lively temperament and easy to master, and clinging to the man, vigilance. A standard schnauzer is a good companion for children.

• Standard schnauzer is also referred to as the average man with a beard or bearded Munich.
• The term comes from Schnauze , the German word for "snout", because of the dog's distinctively bearded snout. The word Schnauzer also means moustache in German;
• It has a well developed sense organs, so that the standard schnauzer is susceptible to training.
• Currently in the United States giant and standard schnauzers are classified as service dogs, while in the UK and Australia as utility dogs.
• Schnauzer posed many painters including Rembrandt and Dürer.
• By some called the family dog​​, which should accompany the man everywhere. Its characteristics are confident character, the average temperament, good politeness, good contact with you, resistance to noise, full of energy and alertness .