About us

About us
Black Standard Schnauzer

Our passion has been going on since 1988, when the giant schnauzer pepper and salt came to our home. It was an 8 week puppy Ch.PL. Graf from Żmudzia.

Unfortunately, he lived with us briefly, for only three years, but began our great love for schnauzers. It was from him it all began, so the kennel name is inspired by his name “Graffiti”.

The next dog was Ch. PL. Czata-Jaga Staszel, which gave us the first puppies in our kennel. Admittedly, as the twelve puppies for amateurs was a challenge. Although in 1994, “Graffiti” increased by another schnauzer, this time it was the medium of black schnauzer coat. We’re talking about Kamea from Puszcza Darżlubska and later also her daughter Hexa Graffiti.

It is worth mentioning the Pablo from Puszcza Darżlubska, who was the father of many of our puppies. Each of these dogs was very unique and important for us. And they will always remain in our memory.